1) What is so special about the Mangoes offered by O&J enterprise?

Each mango offered by O&J enterprise is handpicked and selected based on its overall fruit quality, shape and size. O&J enterprise only deals in Premium Export Quality.

3) Where does O&J enterprise source the Mangoes from?

O&J enterprise sources its Mangoes directly from Registered Orchards based in All mango producing regions in Pakistan, Specially Mir Pur Khas , Raheem Yaar Khan, Multan and Muzaffar Ghar.

4) What is the size of each Mango offered by O&J enterprise?

Mangoes offered by O&J enterprises are over 250 Grams to 1Kg each depends on verity.

5) What is the minimum and maximum quantity of Mangoes that I can order?

O&J enterprise can sell minimum quantity as per airline minimum load acceptance e.g. 1200 kg. Fortunately for us we do not have any supply constraints and hence there is no maximum quantity restriction.

6) When is the best time to order mangoes from O&J enterprise? Since Mango is a seasonal fruit, the availability of good quality fruit is limited to the months from May to September. Hence the only time to we suggest to consume these variety of mangoes is during these months. Optionally you could place orders for Mangoes well in advance with O&J enterprise from January onwards

7) How can I order mangoes from O&J enterprise?

There are several ways to order mangoes from O&J enterprise.
We can take order against Advance Payment( TT/DD) or LC.

8) How many countries does O&J enterprise deliver mangoes in?

O&J enterprise delivers mangoes all over — and to over 10+ countries worldwide. With O&J enterprise you can send mangoes to United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Singapore, UAE, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Hong Kong, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Oman, Toronto,USA and many more countries.

9) How long will it take for Mangoes to be delivered?

3-4 working days from the time you place an order to the time the mangoes are delivered.

10) Tell us about the O&J enterprise packaging?

All Mangoes are thoroughly examined and then packed in a 3-5 ply cardboard carton with pastries, tissue and shredded papers so that the mangoes do not come in contact with each other. Each carton is then properly strapped and sealed assuring a safe delivery.