Product Description

We are proud to bring to you an export quality product that boasts an unparalleled blend of taste, texture, and aroma. Our Honey Mangoes are nurtured with meticulous care and harvested at the peak of ripeness, ensuring that each bite you take is a joyous celebration of flavor.

Our mangoes are grown in Pakistan’s lush orchards, where the unique combination of fertile soil, the perfect amount of sunlight, and age-old farming techniques result in this delicious, golden fruit. We guarantee that every mango you receive from FAROVA is 100% natural, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, and handled with the utmost care from tree to table.

Mango Varieties

At FAROVA, we offer a range of mango varieties throughout the season:

  1. Sindhri: Available from late May to July, this large mango is a golden yellow, with minimal fiber and a sweet and rich flavor.
  2. Chaunsa: Available from June to September, Chaunsa is widely regarded as the King of Mangoes. Its golden yellow skin and delicious, sweet, and aromatic pulp make it a favorite among mango lovers.
  3. Anwar Ratol: Available from July to August, Anwar Ratol is small in size but huge on sweetness and flavor. Its distinctive taste makes it a must-try.
  4. Langra: Available from July to August, Langra is famous for its unique lemon-yellow color and incredibly juicy pulp.
  5. Fajri: Available from July to August, Fajri is a large, greenish-yellow mango with a delightful sweet taste and a wonderful aroma.

Packaging Sizes

Understanding the needs of our diverse clientele, we offer a variety of packaging options:

  • 2kg Box, contains 3-4 mangoes, depending on size and variety. Perfect for a personal treat or a small family.
  • 3kg Box, contains 6-8 Ideal for larger families or mango enthusiasts.
  • 5kg Box: contains 8-12 Excellent for parties, events, or if you just can’t get enough of these sweet delights.

Experience the sweet symphony of FAROVA’s farm-fresh, export-quality Honey Mangoes from Pakistan. A taste so divine, it’ll whisk you away to our sun-soaked orchards with each bite. Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey with FAROVA!


Varieties: Sindhri, Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, Langra, Fajri
Packaging Sizes: 2kg, 3kg & 5kg Boxes
Corporate Orders: Available
Export Orders: Available