Product Description

Experience the authentic flavors of Pakistan with Jaseen 1121 Sela Basmati Rice. Grown in the fertile lands of Pakistan, enriched by the pure waters of the Himalayas, Jaseen Basmati Rice is a premium selection that brings together the best of quality, taste, and aroma. Every grain of our rice undergoes a stringent quality control process to ensure it meets the high standards we set for our products.


Jaseen 1121 Sela Basmati Rice is characterized by its long, slender grains that elongate to at least twice their original size upon cooking. The grains retain their individuality, giving you a fluffiness and non-stickiness that is the hallmark of premium Basmati rice. It carries a unique, aromatic fragrance that will fill your kitchen with an enticing aroma, turning every meal into a special occasion. Perfect for all your favorite rice dishes – from Biryani and Pulao to plain steamed rice.

Key Features

  1. Authentic Basmati Rice sourced from the fertile regions of Pakistan, renowned for producing the world’s finest Basmati.
  2. Long, slender grains and unique aroma, the 1121 Sela is a top-tier Basmati variety.
  3. Nutritious and Wholesome packed with vital nutrients, making it a healthy addition to your meals.
  4. Non-Sticky Texture, each grain of Jaseen Basmati Rice cooks up into a long, separate, and fluffy grain, ensuring the perfect texture every time.
  5. The rice carries a distinctive, pleasant aroma, adding an extra layer of sensory delight to your dishes.
  6. Ideal for a variety of dishes, from traditional Biryani and Pulao to exotic desserts and salads.
  7. Our Basmati rice is pre-cleaned and needs less soaking time, ensuring quick and easy preparation.


Packaging available in 2Kg 5Kg and 20 kg Non-Woven Zipped bag, exported to Oslo by Sea.

Indulge in the rich experience of Jaseen 1121 Sela Basmati Rice, and let every meal be an unforgettable culinary journey.


Packaging Sizes: 2kg, 5kg & 20kg Boxes
Corporate Orders: Available
Export Orders: Available