Product Description

Jaseen presents its premium Long Grain 1121 Steam Basmati Rice, a culinary treasure straight from the fertile fields of Pakistan. Renowned for its aromatic allure, exceptional quality, and tantalizing taste, our Basmati rice will elevate any dish you prepare.

This Basmati rice is defined by its long grains that expand further upon cooking. Each grain is carefully steamed to perfection, ensuring it retains its nutrients while offering a soft, fluffy texture and an impeccable separate grain look that’s ideal for a myriad of dishes.

Our Jaseen Long Grain 1121 Basmati Steam Rice boasts an enchanting aroma that is bound to fill your kitchen with a comforting scent that hints at the delicious meal to come. Sourced from traditional rice farms in Pakistan, this rice carries with it a rich legacy of farming practices honed over generations.

Jaseen Basmati Rice is a versatile ingredient, perfect for preparing a variety of meals, from a simple, comforting bowl of plain rice to elaborate dishes like Biryani, Pulao, or Risotto. It’s also an excellent choice for desserts like rice pudding, showcasing its flavor versatility. Every batch of Jaseen Long Grain 1121 Basmati Steam Rice undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure that what reaches your table is nothing but the best.

Key Features

• Long grain Basmati rice that expands further upon cooking
• Steamed to perfection, retaining nutrients and offering a soft, fluffy texture
• Carries a distinct, enchanting aroma
• Versatile ingredient for a variety of dishes
• Sourced from traditional rice farms in Pakistan
• Naturally grown and GMO-free


Packaging available in 2Kg 5Kg and 20 kg Non-Woven Zipped bag, exported to Oslo by Sea.

Bring home the Jaseen Long Grain 1121 Basmati Steam Rice and experience the joy of a delicious, healthy, and aromatic meal every time you cook.


Packaging Sizes: 2kg, 3kg & 20kg Boxes
Corporate Orders: Available
Export Orders: Available