Product Description:

Experience the extraordinary taste of the ‘King of Fruits’ with O&J Mangoes, your one-stop destination for premium, export-quality mangoes straight from the fertile lands of Pakistan. Our mangoes are selected from the finest orchards, hand-picked at the perfect time to ensure a balance of taste and texture that is incomparable.

At O&J Enterprise, we believe in quality, it carries the unique sweetness and tanginess that Pakistani mangoes are renowned for. The moment you taste one of our mangoes, you’ll discover a world of flavors that burst in your mouth and take you on an exotic tropical journey.

Mango Varieties:


Available from late May to late July, this leading variety of mango is a favorite for its high flesh to seed ratio, minimal fibrous texture, and incredibly sweet taste.


Available from late June to September, Chaunsa is known for its rich aromatic flavor and luscious texture, considered the best for making juices and smoothies.

Anwar Ratol:

Available from June to July, Anwar Ratol is small in size but packs a flavor punch. It is known for its unique sweet and tangy flavor.


Available from July to August, Langra carries a unique, slightly tart, and extremely delicious flavor profile, retaining a greenish tinge even when ripe.


Available from June to July, Dusehri is famous for its delightful sweetness and fibrous texture, loved for eating straight or for use in desserts.

Packaging Sizes Available:

We offer a range of packaging sizes to suit your needs, ensuring that our mangoes arrive at your doorstep fresh and ready to eat.

2 kg Box:

Ideal for individual consumption.

3 kg Box:

Perfect for small families

5 kg Box:

Perfect for larger families or mango enthusiasts who can’t get enough of these tropical delights.

Brand Information

Varieties: Sindhri, Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, Langra, Dusehri
Packaging Sizes: 2kg, 3kg & 5kg Boxes