Registered Pack House for US, Europe & Australia:

At O&J Enterprise, we take great pride in our state-of-the-art Mango Pack House Facility, designed to process, grade, and pack the highest quality mangoes, while adhering to the strictest food safety standards. Our facility operates under a certified food safety management system, guaranteeing that our mangoes are handled with utmost care and hygiene, from tree to table. Here’s an overview of our Pack House process:


The freshly harvested mangoes are transported from our orchards to the Pack House in specialized vehicles to minimize damage. Upon arrival, they are counted and inspected for visible defects.


The mangoes are then quickly pre-cooled to an optimal temperature. This crucial step helps to slow down the ripening process and extend the shelf life of the fruit.

Washing and Sanitizing:

The mangoes undergo a thorough washing and sanitizing process to remove any dirt, debris, and potential surface contaminants. This is done using lime water and fungicide dipping method.


After washing, the mangoes are gently dried using controlled air circulation to prevent any moisture-related issues, such as mold or rot.


Each mango is then graded based on its size and overall quality. This step is performed manually by our trained staff.

Hot Water Treatment for European Shipments:

The mangoes are then treated with hot water to eliminate any potential pests and diseases. This process is carried out under strict temperature control (48C )to ensure the quality of the fruit is maintained.

Final Inspection:

After the hot water treatment, a final inspection is carried out to ensure that only the highest quality mangoes are selected for ripening and packing. Any mangoes that do not meet our strict quality standards are removed.


Our pack house is equipped with temperature control ripening Ethylene chamber with the capacity of 12 Ton per batch and variable Force air processing to get even colour on each mango.


The mangoes are then carefully packed into boxes, ensuring they are not overcrowded and have adequate cushioning to prevent damage during transportation.

Cold Storage and Shipping:

The packed mangoes are moved to our cold storage facility, where they are kept at an optimal temperature until they are ready to be shipped.

Our Pack House is registered and certified by international food safety authorities. This ensures that our customers receive only the safest, highest quality mangoes, handled with care from Tree to Table