Introducing Muli, a beloved Pakistani vegetable that adds a unique and refreshing flavor to your culinary creations. Muli, also known as Daikon or White Radish, is a popular vegetable in Pakistani cuisine. With its crisp texture and slightly spicy taste, Muli brings a delightful twist to various dishes.

Our Muli is carefully selected and sourced to ensure freshness and quality. It features a long, cylindrical shape with a white exterior and a crisp, juicy interior. Muli offers a mild peppery flavor that adds a refreshing kick to salads, pickles, and cooked dishes.

Muli can be prepared in different ways, making it a versatile ingredient in Pakistani cooking. It can be sliced and enjoyed raw in salads, grated and used as a condiment, or cooked in stir-fries, curries, and soups. Its unique flavor and texture enhance the overall taste and appeal of any dish it is added to.