Sindri mangoes are a popular variety of mango that is primarily grown in the Sindh province of Pakistan They are one of the most sought-after types of mangoes in the world and are known for their unique taste and aroma.

Size and Shape

Sindri mangoes are medium to large-sized, and they have an oval or oblong shape. They are slightly flattened and have a small beak at the bottom.


On average, a Sindri mango weighs between 250 to 500 grams, but they can reach up to a kilogram in weight.

Skin Color

When ripe, Sindri mangoes have a beautiful golden-yellow skin color with a reddish blush on the top. The skin is relatively thin and smooth.

Taste and Texture

Sindri mangoes are known for their sweet, aromatic, and juicy flesh. The texture of the flesh is soft and pulpy, with a small fibrous center. The taste is described as a blend of honey and pineapple, with a slight tanginess.


Sindri mangoes have a unique and distinct flavor that sets them apart from other mango varieties. The flavor is a mix of sweet and tangy, with a pleasant aroma that fills the room.

Harvesting Season

The harvesting season for Sindri mangoes usually starts in mid-June and extends to early August. However, the exact timing of the harvest depends on the weather conditions and the location of the orchards.

Region of Origin

Sindri mangoes are primarily grown in the district of Mango in the Indian state of Bihar. The town of Sindri, which is located in the Mango district, gives the mango its name. Sindri mangoes have gained popularity in other parts of India and are also exported to other countries.